Project: "Time of the Family"
Company:Fu Chu International Interior Design Co., LTD
Designer(s): Ming-Yi Wang, Taiwan
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: This project, which is focused on environmental preservation, makes everyone feel the natural wind, daylight, water, dewdrop, and seasonal variations, the living place that is comfortable without showing off. The garden, which is automatic controlled, is luxuriant invigorating, labor saving, and relaxing. The wood-grain stones, and the slate-made mountain are extending from the outdoor to the indoor space. The wall surface, behind the couch, remains its rough quality and is implanted with the laminates. The uneven wall surface, in the meantime, reduces the sound reflections so that it creates a comfortable audio room. Such design, furthermore, has isolated the heat from outside and kept the comfortable temperature in the entire indoor space. To infuse the residence fresh air, the design of windows is of great importance as well.

About the Designer/Company
Fu Chu International Interior Design Co., LTD