Project: "Foot Locker Flagship Store New York, New York "
Company:Big Red Rooster, a JLL Company
Designer(s): Dana Fleming, David Denniston, Jamie Hughes, Jim Penn, Mason Miller, Carli Werthmann, United States
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Entry Description: Foot Lockerís Manhattan Flagship store was ready for a redesign. But the store itself presented a unique challengeówhile the entrance was street-level, the selling floor was upstairs, which busy NYC shoppers often ignore. With an attention-grabbing storefront design and entry cloaked in the brandís signature red, we compelled shoppers to come into the space and take the escalator up to the selling floor. With custom- designed brand shops, we made it easy for shoppers to find exclusive gear from their favorite labels . And with design concepts for NY33, we helped develop a connected, customizable activation space for new launches and special events. Throughout the process, Big Red Rooster not only designed the layout and square footage for each selling space, but also served as a guide and a consultant for everything from floor specs to overall layout. The final result: 10,00 square feet of high-impact retail design.

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