Project: "BRANDING - AMINESS hotels & campsites "
Designer(s): Igor Carli, Goran Sosa, Croatia
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Aminess brand is a personification of hospitality. The pleasant and warm feeling of an unobtrusive attention and a friendly environment which guests experience while staying at hotels and camps is the brand’s greatest value that makes it unique on the Croatian market. Focusing on recognizing and fulfilling emotional needs of our guests is the core of our brand. Aminess is a brand with a clear visual and verbal structure, logical brand architecture and an identity system dominated by warmth. The calligraphy swashes in the identity suggest the infinity but also, the handwriting movement symbolizes human connection, which is the brand essence stated in its slogan: Lasting relations. The visual identity of the Aminess Hotels & Campsites is a result of a contemporary approach to visual communication. In addition to calligraphy, color is the primary characteristic of the visual identity.

About the Designer/Company
CARLI+SOSA is an independent agency for creative communications and brand management. With a series of successful projects in our portfolio, our hard work and experience have positioned us as one of the leading agencies specialized in brand management. We create successful brands for our clients by combining design and innovative concepts in order to achieve a better market position through systemic application of brand strategy and related marketing activities. Our team is comprised of experts in various, but complementary, fields: designers, brand consultants, market analysts, copywriters, programmers etc. We approach each project with the same key mission – to find a quality creative solution which will give a brand communication power and longevity in the marketplace and distinguish it from the competition. We implement that approach in primary fields of activity: verbal and visual identities, signage, publication design, advertisements and promotional merchandise, but also in product design, photography, animation, videos, print and all other services where web technologies are used. Execution of an appropriate brand strategy depends not only on good design and a creative team, it is also necessary to possess capacities for analyzing and researching the market and consumers, and to understand clients’ business activities which are a basis for establishing and implementing an efficient brand strategy. The agency was founded by Igor Carli and Goran Sosa, both holders of a master degree in visual communications, longtime members of the Croatian Design Society and creative directors of the studio. The studio has won numerous awards in both international and national competitions and its projects have been displayed in most relevant exhibitions in the region as well as in many specialized publications.