Project: "Onda Stylus "
Company:Alvaro Uribe Design
Designer(s): Alvaro Uribe Design, United States
Category: Office Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: For Onda we wanted an item that changed the userís perception of a stylus; by reflecting the nature of the material and the production process with the form. Looking at the stylus, functionally it is an evolution of a pen. Nonetheless, it still retains the same needs of the original writing tools; and just like cameras today they are rectangular because the first camera needed the roll inside, the stylus keeps a solid tube-like form as it were to hold an ink refill. Keeping this in mind while designing the stylus we reduced the structure to the crucial elements of a stylus. This means keeping it light and comfortable for the hand. Our use of steel and steel-bronze alloy in the design is conductive, passing the personís capacitance onto the tip and to the screen.

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