Project: "SUIGETSU"
Designer(s): PRISM DESIGN, China
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: We challenge three issues. 1.Fusion of the Chongqing culture and Japanese culture. 2.Floor plan, fusion of the characteristics from Chongqing city. 3.Fusion of the Feng shui culture. We found a lot in common of Chongqing culture and Japanese culture. For example,A folding fan, embroidery, a garden lantern, Classic screen Pattern, Traditional wooden structure.. We decided to reflect them in the design detail. Fan-shaped ceiling louver, the ancient wooden structure modern representation Many of the partition is using the classic pattern, and silhouette representation. Large glass portion facing the outside,inspiration from lanterns. Chongqing City is a natural rich a lot. The Yangtze River and Jialing River, is confluence points. There are many peaks and valleys, the height difference is special. River's flow is reflected of the operation line plan. And Mountain View is reflected of the elevation plan. Then, zoning plan in collaboration with the feng shui master. We cover the mental thing of people in China.

About the Designer/Company
PRISM DESIGN is an international architecture and design studio whose partners have worked for many years in architectural design in various disciplines. These areas of expertise range from interior design, product design, and exhibition design (commercial spaces, hospitality, residential, health and wellness bars, restaurants, retail and office design), to art direction and design consulting for companies operating in the furniture and fashion industries. Our team is composed of a group of creative people from different backgrounds, working together in an ongoing cultural exchange. All work carried out by the Studio is characterized by a strong design identity, the result of assiduous research and creativity. This identity is found throughout all of our work and allows for innovative design and the extension of the parameters of architecture and design. Located in the historic centre of SHANGHAI_CHINA, the studio was founded in 2009 by TOMOHIRO KATSUKI. While the headquarters are still in SHANGHAI, the studio has expanded to include international operations and now has offices in BEIJING_CHINA (2011) and TOKYO_JAPAN (2011) . The creative process is akin to a journey, undertaken in close collaboration with the client, creating a strong interaction between people, objects and space. These goals are achieved in agreement with each other and can bring unforeseen results, finding a balance between rational functionality and the emotional realm. Our work obtains its inspiration from continuous research and through multiple artistic influences. Each new project is a source for constant growth and evolution.