Project: "Hyku App"
Designer(s): Company : Hyku LLC Designer(s) : JIN RONGHAO, LIN JUAN, China
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Hykuís interface carefully balances the marriage between eye-catching aesthetics and usability, lending from intuitive functions and controls. Functionally, Hyku aims to provide users with the tools for all their television second screen needs. Backed by 22 patents, Hykuís main features syncs mobile phone content with programming on television. Users can also interact with the show through fun guessing and voting games, as well as buy products/goods directly through the app. Additionally, Hykuís features include a social network, which connects its many users, as well as worldís only player versus player wagering system, patent-pending. Lastly, Hyku ties it all together with a virtual economy, allowing users to earn coins, redeemable for products in its marketplace. All of Hykuís features are combined together with an intuitive design, simple, yet easy to navigate and unintimidating for new users. This design accentuates Hykuís advantages, while reducing the learning curve.

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