Project: "Super D Technology Centre, Shenzhen"
Company:hpa (Ho & Partners Architects Engineers & Development Consultants Limited)
Designer(s): hpa (Ho & Partners Architects Engineers & Development Consultants Limited) Mr. Bosco Ho, Mr Nicholas Ho, Ms Peggy Yip, Mr Steven Shum, Ms Wailee Nie, Mr Ocean Wang, Mr Oscar Chen, Mr Duncan Hou, China
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Being one of the advance technology grand prize winner in China, supported by the Chairman of People’s Republic of China (PRC), Super D has the vision to create a smart working space for the future. A building that is an equal partner to the user and industries it hosts. It began with the user, a future technological innovator, one that require a smart building with energy efficient design, smart grid interface, self-correcting life cycle system, flexible and interactive social spaces that not only serve as an office, but as a community hub that will incubate, develop and springboard new technologies of the future. The client wanted not only state of the art smart tech and building systems in place, but also from the planning perspective, to incorporate the future working and living habits of scientists.

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