Project: "Air Filter Station"
Company:National Taiwan Normal University
Designer(s): Yu-Ling Wu, Taiwan
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Student
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Entry Description: Air pollution is a big issue and PM2.5 threaten our life, especially when we go out waiting for bus in bus station, inhalation of exhaust gas into the lungs directly. So it need a bus station of air filter to solve the problem. In this bus station, there is motor inside and using aerodynamic principle to suck in exhaust gas. In the top of the bus station has air filter to filter exhaust gas and deliver fresh air to below. The source of electricity is solar power. Besides air filter, there is water curtain behind the bus station can make suspended particles settle. In the raining day, the air filter will turn off and there is a cover prevent people in the bus station from getting wet. And the water curtain will also turn off because rainwater will purifying air by itself.

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