Project: "The Right Cup"
Designer(s): "Tamooz C.S" , "Rinat Alima" , "Hagai Harduff", Israel
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: The Right Cup is the first ever flavor-scented cup. It fights obese by using aromas to convince the brain that plain water is flavored, creating a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. It uses aromatic fruit flavors to give the brain the experience of drinking a fruit flavored water, while the user is consuming plain water with no preservatives or additives. Unlike most plastic cups that are designed for the use of children the challenge was to design a plastic cup for adults. The cup has a partial lucidity for visibility of the water and its texture imitates cold water. It is 100% recyclable. The unique ergonomic design positions the nose right over the opening, so it fully picks up the fruit aroma while the tongue flirts with the sweet taste: the brain gets the flavor it craves to - while the body gets the healthy hydration it needs.

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