Project: "Man In A Cage"
Company:Thinkable Studio GmbH
Designer(s): Paul Scarfe Jorg Schlieffers, Germany
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The ‘Man in a Cage’ pendant is our signature statement piece for Saxons Of Oxford: a micro-machined marvel from a solid block of 925 sterling silver and completed with an impeccable high polish finish and intricacy. The Man in a Cage is typical of any intricate piece of jewellery in that the process of its creation involved a number of trials and tribulations. The desired precision and underlying quality meant that many imperfect prototypes did not make the final grade. No traditional jewellery-making process proved adequate for the intended quality and detail, so this is where the typical process ends for Man in a Cage. Its design was a complex blend of digital precision, blending with a modern manufacturing process and more than a little old fashioned workmanship. As a statement piece, the message contained within is up for anyone's own interpretation. Aren't we all caged, one way or another?

About the Designer/Company
Thinkable Studio was founded by Jorg Schlieffers in 2005. As former European Design Director for Symbol Technologies, he spent almost a decade designing award-winning user-centric barcode-scanning and data management systems for a broad variety of retail and industrial applications prior to starting his consultancy in the UK and now Germany. Thinkable uses process-oriented design methodologies and high-end tools in their strive for world-class customer-centric product solutions. Clients include anyone from large global corporations to small startups in the high-tech, wearable, medical and consumer markets.