Project: "Decca Design Website Redesign"
Company:Decca Design
Designer(s): Natasha Kramskaya, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: In 2014, Decca Design underwent a complete rebranding effort that included changing the company name due to new ownership. That endeavor included updating the logo and making minor adjustments to the existing website. In 2016, it was time to make a complete overhaul. Applying both strategic brainpower and artistic elbow grease, Decca’s creative team produced a visually appealing website with more functionality than before. The site now takes advantage of a clean, compelling design along with a clear and concise message. It also features expressive photography, streamlined navigation, and more intuitive display of Decca’s creative work in the new portfolio section–an essential component in engaging prospective clients. The new website is more dynamic and responsive, so desktop and mobile device visitors get a more rewarding experience. It now leaves site visitors with the distinct impression that Decca Design is a premiere marketing and design agency.

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