Project: "Arm-use Basin"
Company:Changsha University of Science & Technology
Designer(s): Zhang Zhongyang , Nie Jiamin , Xiao Xiangyan , Yang si , Tian Haocheng , China
Category: Home Interior Products, Student
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Entry Description: In the war zone, battle is pretty cruel for people,many of them have been injured, and some were hurt on their fingers and arms. So, many of them have lost the basic self-care ability. Not only that,the similar results are also frequently caused by accidents.For the vulnerable group whose forearms are amputated, it's quite difficult for them to hold up a basin by arms. Therefore, it will be a very big obstacle when they're living alone.For disabled people whose fingers or arms are broken, it is also impossible for them to use basins by arms.We changed the appearance of a basin by applying the Bionics Principle, and designed two extended areas which shaped like a child's arms on the main part of a basin. The users can put their arms on the Negative Space to hold up the basin by embracing the areas and exerting their arm's strength.

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