Designer(s): GRAFT, United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: In Berlin, on the site of “Urbane Mitte” in Gleisdreieck Park, a mobile brewery and beer garden designed by GRAFT has been erected in summer 2016. The building volume of BRLO BRWHOUSE combines gastronomy, events, administration and the art of brewery and is remarkable for its container architecture in modular design. GRAFT envisions a free standing building consisting of oversee containers. The pre-fabricated containers are altered individually according to their function and are stacked in order to work as mobile home base for the young company BRLO. For the time being, a temporary usage of 3-5 years is intended, later, the building can easily be dismantled and reconstructed in another place. By setting four containers in length and stacking three containers onto each other, the cube forms a space of about 600 m˛ and offers enough space for the brewery equipment, as well as room for guests, events, and administration.

About the Designer/Company
GRAFT was established in 1998 in Los Angeles, California by Lars Krueckeberg, Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit. Further offices followed in Berlin, Germany in 2001 and Beijing, China in 2004. GRAFT was conceived as a ‘Label’ for Architecture, Urban Planning, Design, Music and the “pursuit of happiness”. Since the firm was established, it has been commissioned to design and manage a wide range of projects in multiple disciplines and locations. With the core of the firm’s enterprises gravitating around the field of architecture and the built environment, GRAFT has always maintained an interest in crossing the boundaries between disciplines and “grafting” the creative potentials and methodologies of different realities. This is reflected in the firm’s expansion into the fields of exhibition design and product design, art installations, academic projects and “events” as well as in the variety of project locations in Germany, China, UAE, Russia, Georgia, in the U.S. and Mexico, to name a few. Our collective professional experience encompasses a wide array of building types including Fine Arts, Educational, Institutional, Commercial and Residential facilities. The firm has won numerous international awards. With a staff of talented architectural professionals and administrators, GRAFT has the resources and technology necessary to execute a project from programming to design and through construction, including construction documents, construction administration, and governmental agency review phases. GRAFT has rigorously undertaken an increasing role in programming, master-planning and urban design. Additionally, our firm maintains successful relationships, as needed, with associate architectural and engineering firms and specialty consultants.