Project: "Designed for Hong Kong"
Designer(s): Crawford George ?Alexandria Jones? Andre Farstad ?Jesme Mingjia Zhang? Yuri Maharaj, United States
Category: Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Student
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Entry Description: As Hong Kong’s population continues to grow, and land becomes ever scarce, space for the dead no longer exists. Currently an estimated 50,000 families are waiting upwards of 8 years to lay their dead to rest. Faced with burial options either too expensive or inappropriate most families opt to wait. Our solution was to take the unpopular practice of sea burials and make them more culturally adoptable. Today citizens use plastic bags to slide their loved one’s remains off the edge of the ferry. This insensitive practice discourages families from using sea burials, and as a solution we created an urn which redesigned the way in which the remains enter the water. The second part of the design was a memorial dock with a fixed number of versatile screens that allows a potentially infinite number of families a space to revisit.

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