Project: "Ciclotte Modular Barbells"
Designer(s): Luca Schieppati for MultiDesign, Italy
Category: Outdoor and Exercise Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: The product is characterized by the same philosophy that identified Ciclotte project since its birth, that’s to say the wish to bring design in everyday life and realize objects be showcased as a sculpture even in living room and then used as normal fitness tools in spaces where living, work and gym can fluidly share the same room. The item is a modular weight that, from 1.5 Kg can get up to 6 Kg, thanks to a special threaded pin with plunger able to hook 2 additional weights. The product maintain the iconic “circle-of-live” shape and, despite already existing dumbbels which usually have a weight of 1-2 Kg, it allows the users to make real fitness training and body building.

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