Project: "-ING 2016 Creative Festival Campaign"
Designer(s): Jiani Lu, Ryan Romanes, Canada
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: -ING Creatives is an organization based in Dubai that coordinates design events. In April 2016, they launched their largest event to date featuring 30+ international exhibiting artists and a roaster of exceptional speakers. Over the course of nine months, we worked on developing a series of print and digital assets for the campaign. This began with photographing a series of images that acted as the foundation for the festivalís visual language. These photos were captured in settings that resonate with the region and the local residence of Dubai. A colourful selection of sheen fabrics were used and involved hundreds of attempts in throwing the fabrics up in the air to capture a large spectrum of dynamic shapes and forms. The final images are a result of multiple takes layered in surreal compositions. These photos were then transferred into the festival's collaterals - spanning from name tags to signage.

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