Project: "Cargob Urban Eco-Bicycle Concept Design"
Designer(s): Peng Zhan by Ponzdesign, United States
Category: Outdoor and Exercise Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: This is a new eco urban movement solution that will be used for delivery. Designed for delivery services, the Cargob Urban Eco-Bicycle a more environmental and efficient space-saving delivery method. Three main features make it ideal for cargo: first, the front cart can be separated from the bike, so that every time the deliver guy arrives at a building, instead of unloading all the packages into another cart, he can simply unlock the front cart from the body of the bike and pull it into the building. Second, the motor on the back wheel can collect energy from riding and breaking. Subsequently, they can transfer the kinetic energy into electronic energy to charge other devices such as phones or the LED light on the bike. Last but not least, the user experience aims to simplify the delivery process. Deliverers can use the app to control delivery process.

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