Company:aizawa office
Designer(s): Yukihiko Aizawa, Japan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: A poster for the documentary film "SOUL ODYSSEY – In Search of Eurasia" directed by Shinya Watanabe. The film is trying to realize the dream of German artist Joseph Beuys and Korean artist Nam June Paik, who both considered the spatially divided Europe and Asia to possess one single continental culture of EURASIA. We designed to structurally visualize concepts of the movie from a bird's-eye view. The film's screenplay was written by superimposing the Asian concept of the reincarnating “soul”, “Twelve Nidana” upon the Western concept of the “odyssey”, “Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell, which is a common template among all mythologies. Therefore, we integrate its purpose and expression by symbolically dramatizing the fusion of “Hero’s Journey” and “Twelve Nidana” diagrams, and by making prominent use of “Trajan” font, based on the characters commonly used for stone monuments 2,000 years ago.

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