Project: "Canadian International School Kunshan (CISK) "
Company:B+H Architects
Designer(s): B+H Architects, Canada
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: B+H Architects provided master plan, architecture and interior design services for the Canadian International School Kunshan, located in the Province of Jiangsu, China. Incorporating administration buildings, a library, student and teacher apartments, and an integrated network of recreational spaces, the promotion of outdoor space as learning and social environments is central to this master plan. The interior design is inspired by the journey of discovery about Canada and its culture through the specific use of materials, colors and icons throughout the site. The campus can accommodate up to 1,800 students, with another 450 vacancies for future use. A plot of 2.7 ha has been reserved for the construction of a Cultural Exchange Centre which will provide a venue for academic visits, conventions, lectures and exhibitions. The project is founded on the sustainable principals of natural resource management, self-sufficient systems, sustainable infrastructure, storm water and waste water management and building orientation.

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