Project: "The Cyganek’s"
Company:Savannah College of Art and Design
Designer(s): Zachary Cyganek, United States
Category: Textile and Materials, Student
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Entry Description: The Cyganek’s is a culmination of twenty-two years in the making; the collection drew inspiration from old VHS family films, the memories I had growing up in Memphis, and the realization that I was almost an ‘adult.’ My senior thesis collection is completely knitwear and incorporates both machine and hand knit pieces; the collection features a delicate play of transparency, machine manipulated applique techniques, and knitted in Swarovski embellishments. I have a strong interest in innovative textile design, so I took on the challenge of learning 3D modeling so I could work with 3D printing. I developed a fully functional 3D printed knit structure to be incorporated in with the traditional knitwear pieces, this is a nod to my father’s technical skills he imprinted upon me.

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