Project: "The 4th Dimension"
Company:Savannah College of Art and Design
Designer(s): Terry Chi Kyun Ahn, United States
Category: Avant-Garde, Student
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Entry Description: The 4th Dimension is rooted from the idea of proportion within the curiosity towards symmetrical and rigid shapes of Brutalism architecture. Shapes of Kimono pattern were also significant inspirational source for the collection. The collection is also a study of Le Corbusier, along with the residence of Sculptor Xavier Corbéro. The 4th Dimension exercises the contrasting idea of rigidness and softness, like a plant that grows on a rock, or a shear curtain flowing on a window in a concrete space. Strong elements were translated in to by using menswear details, shapes and fabrics. Soft elements were achieved by using lightweight shirting fabric and simple law of gravity, by letting fabric drape on the body naturally, to create natural organic shapes.

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