Project: "Cinco Sentidos  "
Company:Savannah College of Art and Design
Designer(s): Maria Gabriela Jarrin , United States
Category: , Student
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Entry Description: “Cinco Sentidos” is 18”x24” watercolor painting based on the abstracted vision of human experiences in public spaces of downtown Savannah.  The word “Derive” is originally old French; it means to trace from a source of origin. The purpose of this assignment was to experience Savannah in a distinct way instead of how you would typically do when pursuing daily activities.  Every classmate was assigned to follow a derive, or a path through Savannah with a direct purpose. I focused on the five senses and how it would lead me to understand the occupancy of public spaces. My stroll began in River St. because I believe it is the most active public space that evokes all five human senses in a single location. The walk continued all the way through five squares in downtown Savannah including Wright, Elis, Johnson, and more.

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