Project: "The Calyx"
Company:PTW Architects
Designer(s): PTW Architects, Australia
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Unveiled on the Royal Botanic Garden’s 200th birthday, the Calyx is a landmark horticultural, research and education space that showcases ever-changing exhibitions. Central to the Calyx’s design concept was an aspiration to create a ‘jewel in the Garden’, a serene and peaceful building in its distinctive setting, yet one with flexibility for ever changing public exhibitions and events. The geometry of the existing 1988 Arc Glasshouse, designed by Ancher Mortlock and Woolley led by renowned Australian Architect Ken Woolley, guided the architectural development of the Calyx. In co-operation with the landscape architects Mc Gregor Coxall and builders Cockram Construction, the quality, integrity and innovation of the existing structure was retained and enhanced. The circular steel structure of the ‘Iris’ is the most highly visible element of building. Accommodating the foyer, education and retail outlet this circular space, with its retractable walls can be turned into an evening event space.

About the Designer/Company
Design excellence and innovation are the driving principles of PTW Architects, consistently delivered since inception in 1889. Currently employing over 200 people, PTW Architects has its head office in Sydney with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Taipei. We are proud of our reputation for excellence in architecture and masterplanning over a diversity of building types; we create buildings where commercial objectives are balanced with cultural and public uses, leading to the enhancement of the public realm and a city’s life. PTW Architects’ values are based on excellence, positivity, frankness, cooperation and innovation. These qualities are integral to the way we apply ourselves to each architectural task to ensure a distinctive and specific outcome. Operating on a broad international platform, the right people are available to lend their expertise, experience and skills to ensure quality of outcome. Sharing knowledge and expertise is our foundation. This approach leads to the creation of collaborative and creative teams who possess the skills required for a project and gives us the ability to tackle architectural challenges of considerable scale and complexity, successfully and within expeditious timeframes. We work in collaboration with our clients and consultant teams to ensure successful outcomes. Ours is an international practice working across a broad range of sectors, diverse building types, procurement and approval processes. Our completed projects include the masterplanning of international town centres; therapeutic facilities including hospitals; hotels and resorts; landmark office buildings; art galleries and buildings for the performing arts; residential developments; educational; sporting and recreational facilities; retail centres; and adaptive re-use and conservation of heritage places. This diversity in our practice gives us the ability to solve complex architectural challenges.