Project: "Red Hat Partner Programs Page"
Company:Behavior Design
Designer(s): Behavior Design, United States
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: The Programs Page is a tool that enables Partners to identify and learn about the vast array of Red Hat offerings. The user experience is framed as a dialogue, presenting a series of questions to engage the user. As the user answers the questions, they build a profile of what they are looking for and narrow down the options. The result is a tailored selection of relevant products and services for users to review.

About the Designer/Company
Behavior is an award-winning New York City based interactive design studio founded in 2001. Our contingent is comprised of seasoned veterans representing information architecture, branding, interface design, and design technologies. Behavior’s mission is to develop best-of-breed, intuitive, interactive solutions that educate, inform and entertain–always with a focus on the end user–no matter the challenge. We strive to create innovative and elegant interactive systems for our clients and partners. Our leadership works directly with clients and tailors the process to meet the precise needs of each project.