Project: "HOTEL KANRA Kyoto"
Designer(s): UDS Ltd. Norito Nakahara, Chihiro Yukawa, Ayako Kobayashi, Rio Tomoguchi, Yukie Nakayama, Misaki Koyama, Japan
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Entry Description: This project is an expansion of the existing hotel, Hotel Kanra Kyoto, converting an adjacent educational facility into a hotel space that offers more experience than just lodging: there are 39 new guest rooms, 2 restaurants, a café & shop, a spa, and a Kintsugi artisan’s workshop. Aiming to preserve Kyoto’s heritage and to always keep it fresh through the expression that coincides with the changes of the times, the project held “Heritage and Innovation” as the main renewal concept. Hotel’s interior design appointed immutably essential materials in order to realize a space whose authenticity resonates in people’s hearts; wood, soil, stone, metal, and greenery were incorporated with Kyoto’s traditional artisanal crafts and techniques. Such materials as Kiyomizu ware ceramics, Nishijin brocade, paper-covered partitions, tatami, and wooden bath tubs were also furnished in the space creating a freshly innovative overall design.

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