Project: "12,000 Francs"
Company:Emma maxwell Design
Designer(s): Emma Maxwell Design, Singapore
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: 12,000 Francs was a cash prize was offered by Napoleon Bonaparte for the creation of a durable food preservation method for his army. The menu of this restaurants basis is in the art of food preservation. The owners wanted to attract an afterwork neighbourhood wine drinking crowd as well as a great place for lunch and dinner.  The space is woven with Napoleonic narrative including the iconic Napoleonic bee. Chosen by Napoleon himself, the bees virtues of collective organisation and industry were values that he hoped would by people though-out the French empire .  At the entrance, a long communal sommelier table greets the guest as they arrive.The stools around the sommelier table are also bespoke. As the guests venture through the space, dense clusters of honey coloured hand blown glass Bee Hive pendant lighting float

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