Project: "Duobaan Hotel"
Company:Dondao Creative Branding Group Co., Ltd.
Designer(s): Dongdao Creative Branding Group, China
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: ‘Duobaan’ is phonetically close to ‘dopamine’ in Chinese pronunciation. We tried to build a brand image constructing the atmosphere similar to the feeling conveyed by dopamine (a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers). Dopamine also helps regulate movement and emotional responses, and it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move towards them. Based on the eastern philosophy ‘one creates two; two produces three; three gives birth to all things’, and believing that simplicity is just complexity, we took simple color blocks as fundamental elements, By way of composition method, we regularly arranged these color blocks into the form of ‘D’ which serves as the initial of both ‘Duobaan’ and ‘Design’ (‘design-driven’hotel). Our auxiliary graphics are also originated from the logo. Black and white color blocks present a scene with rhythm, providing vast space for creation in future extension and application.

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