Project: "Delphi"
Designer(s): Hakan Gursu, Designnobis, Turkey
Category: Transportation, Professional
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Entry Description: Delphi is inspired by the ferries used in the modern coastal cities. Delphi is a combination of luxury, comfort, aesthetic and high performance. Delphie is a contemporary transportation unit designed for sea-tours and sea-transportation in coastal cities. It can carry up to 32 passengers and lets them to have a visually delightful and comfortable experience of travel. Because of using high performance materials such as aluminum and composites, Delphi offers efficiency in travel with a touch of elegance. With its windows that placed all around the cabinet, Delphi has a spacious interior and panoramic view. All seats are positioned in a combination that enables all passengers to have better view of the city and the sea. With an overall length of 16 meters, the catamaran is powered through double 500 hp engines. The interior area is 52 square meters with kitchenette, toilet and luggage shelves.

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