Project: "SELENE"
Company:Graziani Corazza Biase Interior Architecture Inc.
Designer(s): "Graziani Corazza Biase Interior Architecture Inc.", "Renato Iamonaco", "Shirin Nezhat", Canada
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: As the final installment of a LEED master-planned community, Selene in both its architectural presence and interior aesthetic speaks to the buyer demographic. The concept is simple, “modern classic luxury” offering a handsome array of lifestyle amenities spanning over 15,000 square feet. With an elite attention to detail, layers of warm rich tones of marble, bronze metals, fumed oaks, and soft lush textiles is sure to comfort the style conscious. Graziani Corazza Biase Interior Architecture Inc. created a balance of intimacy and scale reflecting its surroundings and engaging the homeowners with the developer’s philosophy.

About the Designer/Company
GCB is a highly established design firm with a diverse practice. Our creative team approaches each project guided by passion, practicality, and a strong commitment to ensuring client satisfaction. With over 30 high-rise residential projects, and over 21 years of experience in hospitality, retail, and residential design. GCB provides proven passion and excellence in its craft, realizing their clients’ goals by being mindful of brands, traditions, and cultures unique to the environment the client is seeking to create.