Project: "Wellnest Home Logo"
Company:aizawa office
Designer(s): Yuki Mori, Japan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Wellnest Home is a Japanese house builder engaging people to live in harmony with the nature and environment. It provides top ‘low energy-consuming house’, thanks to the design to utilize natural energy and the advanced building system adopted in Germany, a country aiming to a sustainable society. This logo consists of bold lines which imply brand’s strong philosophy and its long-lasting quality. A hand is used as a key motive. It implies ‘family’ to cuddles loved ones, ‘skills of master carpenters’ which is necessary to build a substantial house and the ‘the founder’s passion’ who used to be a carpenter as well but created brand to realize a sustainable house and society. Its brand concept ‘a nest to live in harmony with the nature’ is also visualized by using a birdhouse as a motive. A well-designed brand image draws the attention in Japanese housing market which traditionally underestimates a value of design.

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