Project: "World Union office"
Company:Shanghai BaiRen decoration engineering design co., LTD
Designer(s): Tu Pochun, China
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This visual impact sensitivity is from the beginning of the entrance part of the office, from the plane to see, an extension of a complete "8" shaped ceiling from the entrance to the small indoor discussion area. For the "protection" of sculptural sense seat in entrance, the entire entrance space using visual museum scene. A large area of HPL veneer, reflective glass ceiling at the top of all there is a sense to emphasize the visual center of the eye-catching.

About the Designer/Company
Design is the result of solving problems. Design is the comprehensive execution of accumulated technology, life suffering experience, and aesthetics beauty from mind mapping to detail drawings and to on-site implementation. The strength that really promotes the progress of the industry can only be explored by the continuous pursuit of aesthetic and technology.