Project: "PENNE CHAIR"
Designer(s): "Julia Läufer" & "Marcus Keichel" & "Lammhults Mobel AB" , Sweden
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: COMPLEXITY MEETS SIMPLICITY PENNE is the world´s first chair made of laminated wood wooden tubes. As a result the chair is far more lightweight but just as strong as a conventional woo w woo wooden chair. PENNE has its hallmark both in material innovation and ae aesthetics and proves the complexity of designing the simple. A well thought out, l light weight chair, still strong for heavy-duty use. Designed to suit almost any enviro environment, PENNE is easily assembled with screws or bolts and, consequently, it is easy to take the c th the c the chair apart and recycle or replace the components. No glue used. PENNE is row- and stackable and certified for contract use use and can be accessed with a foldable flip-shelf storage. It comes with legs of laminated tu tu tubes in ash, oak or walnut with seat and back in plastic or laminated wood in ash, o oak or walnut. All ash veneer can be stained in any colour.

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