Project: "The Blade Supercar"
Company:Divergent 3D
Designer(s): Divergent 3D, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Produced with Divergent 3D’s proprietary platform, the Blade supercar is a first-of-its-kind machine created with 3D metal printing. Every 3D-printed component of the car was designed and constructed for maximum performance, flexibility and safety using laser sintering—a technique to fuse thin layers of metal alloy powder into complex shapes. The structure of the car was inspired by natural forms. The “bones” of the car, the structure that holds it together and ultimately encases and protects the passenger, are modeled after some of nature’s strongest structures. In addition to its unique composition, the Blade is incredibly lightweight – about two thirds the weight of a conventional vehicle of comparable size. As a result, the Blade delivers maximum fuel efficiency along with “supercar” performance. The 3D metal printing process is a more sustainable approach to auto- making that reduces waste, energy input, and emissions associated with shipping pre-fabricated parts.

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