Project: "RELAX"
Designer(s): Lee,Po-Te, Taiwan
Category: Home Interior Products, Student
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Entry Description: The "RELAX" draws much of its inspiration from the banana leaves, which are common in Southeast Asian cuisine. It is something in between beds and deckchairs, and it incorporates the design of hammocks. Composed of twelve bentwood holders and a single rope, it is easy to be taken apart and transported, and then everyone could successfully assembly it. Bentwood holders give the chair steady structure and make it easily maintainable, so it can live longer than logs whether indoors or outdoors. Made from a single rope, the seat and the back of the chair uniformly bear your body weight in an ergonomic way. You could also put a pillow or a lumbar cushion as you like. The "RELAX" is designed to help the user relax as well as pour the simple aesthetics of South Seas style into the surroundings.

About the Designer/Company
I come from Taiwan. And I study in the Department of Industrial and Commercial Design of the Oriental Institute of Technology. Email Address:pote85712@gmail.com