Project: "All Day"
Designer(s): adidas Global Brand Design. Identity Leon Imas. Senior Design Director Identity / Creative Direction, Andre Hilario. Design Director, Niko Singer. Designer, Hans-Juergen Rienert. Designer. , United States
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Entry Description: THE VISION Balancing the imperfection of human behavior with the actionable insights of behavioral science. To create an own able expression of human-powered technology for All Day. THE WORD MARK The All Day word make is rooted in one of our brand fonts: Adineue Pro Condensed. GENERATIVE AURA Aura–The sun/epicenter of light/energy–relates to your whole self. Holistic and blended sport for life's journey, with no end in sight, suggesting the peaks and the troughs that pull you along through a life in color. We are multifaceted and inspired by inner beauty. It's about the journey, not the destination.

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