Project: "Nido Bath"
Designer(s): Marco Tallarida, Australia
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: Bathing is a fundamentally different experience. It’s more than just washing – It’s something that heightens the senses, giving a pleasurable purpose. Nido, meaning “nest”, is symbiotic between the act of bathing and pure relaxation. Through various materials, Nido connects emotional comfort experience, creating a bold statement in a modern bathroom. Inspired by the natural form of the human body. Its shape resembles that slanting organic posture that we take while bathing. Ergonomically designed and balanced for maximum comfort, the Nido bath is formed by a proprietary solid surface resin that holds its thermal stability - Absorbing and retaining the warmth of the water for longer. Sustainably source and 100% FSC solid timber, the frame is uniquely crafted from one of the most stable timbers available. With a limited ‘made to order’ production, Nido capture the soul of purity of relaxation, geared to to showcase Australian Design to the international luxury market.

About the Designer/Company
Marco Tallarida is the Strategic Director at B.Product, an innovation design firm. For the last 9 years Marco has been collaborating with commercialisation, IP and manufacturing firms charging design as a key innovation vehicle in differentiating the way we interact with products, services and systems. Since 2012 Marco has developed a multi-disciplinary team that has seen him work with Sphere Healthcare, Tapit Media, Virgin Mobile, Australian Museum, DPG Form Fitting’s, GE Capital, UNSW and Abberfield Industries. Specialising in product design, he applies human centred design processes to their approach, ensuring cognitive solutions from all stages of ideas, development and manufacturing. The majority of Marco’s work has involved designing and developing, bathroom amenities, electrical housing componentry, children toys, revenue systems, furniture, lighting, advertising displays for digital NFC marketing campaigns, merchandising displays, and more frequently medical and lifestyle products for Australian innovator’s and business’s. Marco’s collaboration with local and international industries has shaped his experiences and knowledge production “creative thinking” with IP strategies to take advantage of opportunities that arise.