Project: "Hongzhu Sales Center"
Company:Lab Modus
Designer(s): Alli Chang Will Hsieh Min-Ching Wu, Taiwan
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: The site is a long rectangular shape with the narrower side facing a street by the Taoyuan County exit of national highway. The scheme consists of a two-story lifted glass box and a sequence of double layered perforated metal panels. Resonating with the form of ancient Chinese lucky animal, the form of the project takes inspiration of “dragon”, a symbol of success and luck. Giving maximum presence to the context, the overall massing of project applies advantage of the length of the site to make a continuous extension to all dimensions of the project. In addition, the gradually transformed perforated metal panels also provide an eco-friendly solution to prevent direct sunlight exposure into the interior space to reduce the usage of air condition and artificial lighting devices.

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