Project: "STOK Iced Coffee drink"
Company:Danone In-house Design
Designer(s): WhiteWave Brand Elevation Design, Eric Winslow (Assoc. Creative Director), Eric Erickson (Designer) Alyssa Evans (Designer), United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: We're nerds and proud of it, geeked out on method and process, ingredients and integrity. We trust curiosity over convention, and our taste buds over everything else. We're not about big versus small, or handmade versus machines. we're about tinkering with an open mind. and we know that genius most often lives where imagination meets simplicity. Better is always out there, waiting to be created. We're on it. With those foundations, we created SToK. It started with trend watching (energy, convenience, authentic trends in coffee). And we identified the 24-28 male as our incremental target (our first male target!). What did they want? A badge brand that brought a sense of discovery. An easy-drinking cold brew that embraced their small-batch, niche-craft, throwback-loving selves. That's SToK. We hope it appeals to you too. Cheers.

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