Project: "PLEN Cube, A Personal Assistant Robot"
Company:PLENGoer Robotics
Designer(s): PLENGoer Robotics, Natsuo Akazawa, Minako Tachibana, Ziyan Xu, Ryotaro Hamano, Kazuya Shibata, Japan
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: PLEN Cube is a portable robot that can consolidate your devices and web services, making them simpler to use and automate; capture moments with a smart camera that tracks your face and motions; and complement your life with hands-free activation and customization options. It's 3-inch-sized that can be kept in your palm and taken everywhere you go, as well as its simple cubic form with impressing motion that makes a lot of interactions with you. PLEN Cube recognize your voice, detect your gesture, track your face and interact with you both functional and emotional motion. For example, if you say "show me the weather." it nods its head (to say yes) and show the weather on its display.

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