Project: "Urban Elements. Next Generation Creation of a New Suite of Furniture"
Company:City of Perth
Designer(s): City Of Perth, Australia
Category: Other Products designs, Professional
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Entry Description: Streets must be high quality, well designed spaces that support and facilitate all facets of life. The principles of good street design outlined in the City of Perth’s Urban Design Framework includes the: • use of high quality, robust materials for their attractiveness and durability • a restricted palette of materials and furnishings to achieve uniformity across the city (to eliminate ad hoc and limit ‘special’ treatments); • minimisation of ‘clutter’ to improve their clarity and function. For over 30 years the City has rolled out a consistent and coordinated treatment of streets and furnishing; visually tying together disparate streets and spaces as well as providing a robust and easy to maintain asset. Recently, the City committed to develop its own design, distinctly Perth in character, for its next generation of street furniture which meets the following criteria: • Accessible and safe • Aesthetically pleasing and high quality • Comfortable • Contemporary • Sustainable • Socially useful

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