Project: "The World of Stray cats"
Company:Tsinghua University&Central Academy of Fine Art&Tianjin Academy of Fine
Designer(s): Xiaoqi Wang,Jinliang Yu,Yuwei Wang,Shiqi Ouyang,Yue Ming, Zehao Wu,Sen Luo,Chen Zhang,, China
Category: Other Architectural designs, Student
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Entry Description: It is inspired by the concept of“cat box” or specifically the cat littler unable to be pushed the cat outside;The playground or its residence could take the shape of toys in order to offer a variety of functions.Therefore,two concepts such as”cat’s playground” and “cat’s cafeteria”are put forward to create an entertaining space and a fixed eatery for stray cats.In this way,the space fulfills the needs for both food and play .On the other hand,the unit is planned to be a landscape unit when it is disused,which could take a new life by embodying landscape value and humanistic value.Meanwhile it further draws peopie’s attention to this space.As a whole,people,space,cats and sites are more closely boned. The elastic line as a partition.The cat can shuttle and Find his own path.While the line is both hard and soft space.

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