Project: "Tree Drops"
Designer(s): Mark Anson TreeDrops Garden Habitats, Canada
Category: Outdoor and Exercise Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: TreeDrops are built from reclaimed Western Red Cedar that is steam bent into a teardrop form that transforms into a variety of safe havens in our gardens. Feather Bed: Your backyard birds are part of the local ecosystem, and attracting them to your yard means planning a proper habitat. Cedar Feeder: Turn your yard into a birdfeeding habitat that brings song, colour and life to your home. Ladybug Abode: Ladybugs are voracious and efficient predators of insect pests, helping to protect your garden. Mason Maison: The Orchard Mason Bee is a gentle, beneficial insect that is a copious pollinator of fruit trees, flowers and food crops. Butterfly Hideaway: Give butterflies shelter from wind, weather and predators. Place the Hideaway in your garden, and when it gets cool at night the butterflies may just seek your protection.

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