Project: "taga 2.0"
Company:Taga Bikes in-house design team
Designer(s): Taga Bikes in-house design team, Israel
Category: Outdoor and Exercise Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: Taga 2.0 is an innovative family bike, which offers unmatched functionality, great riding experience and contemporary design, in an affordable price. Taga took the traditional wooden-box cargo bikes to the next level: by using high pressure injection molded plastics instead of wood, it managed to reduce the costs of the bike while adding modularity and numerous options for families on the go: multiple seating positions for 2-3 kids (facing forwards, backwards or towards each other), reclining seats for sleeping, weather protection solutions, foldable seats which create a lockable cargo box, accessory bar for cool add-ons, collapsible frame for transport in a car trunk or on a bike rack and more. Taga 2.0 offers an e-bike version and comes in variety of colors

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