Project: "Rouge Tomate Chelsea"
Company:Bentel and Bentel Architects/Planners
Designer(s): Bentel and Bentel Architects/Planners, United States
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Rouge Tomate was relocated to a Landmark Carriage House in Chelsea, which was restored close to its 1864 original design. Rouge Tomate’s mission is to provide a dining experience that supports the total well-being of the individual and environment. The rare Carriage House was most recently a truck garage, but now restored with a change-of-use as wine bar and restaurant. The large openings, used for carriages, were filled with low-glare glass to maintain the appearance of large openings. The building consists of two long spaces with white-painted brick walls. The first space is the wine bar, with a bronze bar and custom-designed leather seats, leather-strapped lights and a wine vault. Slate floors and a stone wine vessel emphasize the mineralogy of wine-making. The dining room occupies the second space, with warm woods, an open-kitchen and dining-bar. The oak floor is highly sustainable by retaining the natural curvature of the tree.

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