Project: "Casper Dog Mattress"
Designer(s): Jeff Chapin, Jesse Menayan, Gen Suzuki, United States
Category: Flora and fauna, Professional
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Entry Description: Designed by the same engineering team behind all of Casperís sleep products, the dog mattress is a universally comfortable sleep surface for your four- legged friends. Combining mattress-making expertise with extensive dog-centered research, Casper created a sleep environment that caters to caninesí natural behaviors. After more than 110 prototypes and nearly 500 hours of research and testing, the Casper dog mattress caters to what dogs look for most in a sleep spot: a sense of security, the ability to scratch and dig in, and a comfortable surface that allows them to sleep naturally cool. The nylon fibers that make up the bedís cover are heat bonded, creating a slick barrier thatís practically impenetrable to fur. The cover is easy to remove, is machine washable, and and features features hidden pockets that hide metal zippers, protecting floors from scratching. With a thoughtful and sleek design, the fortified construction wonít sink, slump, or sag over time.

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