Project: "Stepping Stone House"
Designer(s): Hamish & Lyons , United Kingdom
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: The smaller of the two new buildings is a self contained guest house and contains a kitchen / living space, utility corridor, bathroom and bed deck. The larger building is a multifunctional space with a bathroom and bed deck and will primarily be used by the children as a play room. It is connected to the existing house via a structural glass bridge. Both buildings can be “opened” up to each other as all of the glass at ground floor level is designed as sliding, opening, door panels. At night time, the spaces can be “closed” and “screened” from each other with blinds. The stilts elevate the buildings above the lake, lifting them clear of the flood waters and allowing flush access to the existing house. They also make it possible to swim under the buildings. The architect’s landscape design is integral to the concept of engaging the family with their surroundings

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