Project: "Edificio Loma Guadalupe"
Designer(s): Elias Rizo Arquitectos, Mexico
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Entry Description: Loma Guadalupe is located within one of the most important avenues of the city of Zapopan, Jalisco. The main values ??of its conception were functionality and privacy. The building rises mid-level to accommodate two parking floors, giving it a wider perspective from the street and first-level apartments seen in height. In the horizontal plane, the building is articulated in three regions, each housing a different type of apartment, a scheme that is repeated in the vertical direction, except for the last floor, which has two studios and a gym. The orientation and layout of their spaces allow them to take full advantage of natural lighting and ventilation, while enjoying exceptional views. Also, the implementation of a central courtyard, an element characteristic of the traditional architecture of our region, allows these benefits to extend to all the spaces of the tower.

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