Project: "My Passport"
Designer(s): Yves Behar Kristine Arth NamGu Kang Allie Packard William Stuart Kei Koyama, United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: Over the past decade, the amount of personal data created and accumulated has skyrocketed. More photos, videos, and social posts have been created this past year than all previous years combined. To help position Western Digital within this evolution, we developed a next-generation design language that transforms the external hard drive into a personal object of desire. The My Passport design language and point of focus is placed at the center of the product, with a split composition in two halves. The monolithic rectangular blocks are reduced to their most minimal outer shapes: crisp edged boxes that efficiently package the technology inside and keep the overall product size to a minimum. The base is a beautiful, textured foundation while the top expresses a clean and minimal surface. These two parts meet halfway in a detail we call Lifeline, the intersection between the physical and digital worlds.

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