Project: "The Galleria"
Company:Eowon Architects Sdn. Bhd.
Designer(s): Eowon Architects Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Located prominently along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah or formerly known as Northam Road in one of the busiest districts of Penang, Malaysia, The Galleria, BSG Group's Property Sales Gallery beckons attention with its modern minimalist appeal. One of our flagship projects where we were tasked with both the architectural and interior design aspect from start to finish, the project was successfully completed in 2015. Spread over two floors on approximately 25,000 square feet, The Galleria's concept features a series of unique geometrical compositions that begins from the building structure and is echoed throughout its interior design and furnishing. Meticulously designed using handpicked materials with diligent attention to detail, the idea is to create integrated spaces that not only offer a timeless appeal in terms of visual aesthetic but are also well-balanced with ease of use and functionality.

About the Designer/Company
Founded in 2005, EOWON DESIGNS is a multi-disciplinary firm that specialises in architecture, interior design, landscaping and urban planning, with diversified interests in graphics design, 3D animation and website development. We work at multiple scales and with various organisations from household owners to corporate clients & NGOs. This enables us to effectively experiment and diversify our work scope to provide a turnkey service encompassing master planning, architectural and interior design work for a comprehensive range of properties spanning luxury villas and high-end residences to corporate offices, commercial spaces, hospitality projects, institutional projects and charitable initiatives.