Project: "Forest of Numbers"
Company:emmanuelle moureaux architecture+design
Designer(s): emmanuelle moureaux, Japan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The National Art Center, Tokyo has celebrated its 10th Anniversary in January. As a commemoration, it presented the museum activities of the past ten years in the Special Exhibition Gallery room, which was superimposed with a large installation "Forest of Numbers" - the symbolization of the next 10 years to come. The installation visualized the decade of the future from 2017 to 2026, created a sense of stillness across the large exhibition space. More than 60,000 pieces of suspended numeral figures from 0 to 9 were regularly aligned in three dimensional grids. A section was removed, created a path that cut through the installation, invited visitors to wonder inside the colorful forest filled with numbers. The installation was composed of 10 layers which is the representation of 10 years time. Layers of time were colored in 100 shades of colors, created a colorful time travel through the forest.

About the Designer/Company
French architect and designer residing in Tokyo since 1996. She established "emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design" in 2003. Inspired by the Japanese traditional sliding screens, Emmanuelle has created the concept of “shikiri”, which literally means "dividing (creating) space with colors". She uses colors as three-dimensional elements, like layers, in order to create spaces, and not as a finishing touch applied on surfaces. Architecture (The Sugamo Shinkin Bank…), interior design (ABC Cooking Studio…), products (stick chair…), she designs a wide range of projects, by using her unique technique of colour scheming and handling colours as space makers. Associate Professor at the Tohoku University of Art & Design since 2008. Member of the “Tokyo Society of Architects”.